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Don't worry about problems you don't have

Jason Fried:

I haven’t worried too much about the things beyond what I know I can deal with.

When I do, I just feel like I start to worry. When I do think longer-term, I just start to get worried because your mind just start to make things up. Mine does at least. I think most people’s do. It tends to think about bad things that can go wrong.

It’s easy to get carried away thinking about all the problems you might face, and all the things that could go wrong.

But that line of thinking distracts you from what’s currently most important. Or worse, it discourages you from taking a risk in the first place. There’s always a rational reason to not do something.

Worrying about problems you don’t have is counterproductive.

Most people struggle with this. It’s probably some kind of deep-rooted survival mechanism. Seth Godin has some ideas about quieting the lizard brain.