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Why I prefer product design

Advocacy is a repeat theme in UX writing, but is borderline irrelevant when working for a product- and design-centric organization. Similarly, when you have internal stakeholders who understand the design process, you don't need to worry about constantly building consensus. Deliverables like lengthy specs, comprehensive wireframes, and pixel-perfect PSDs are all artifacts from a time when risk-averse clients needed to enforce progress and limit variability. Inside of a product company, these efforts waste time, create politics, and mask responsibility.

This quote from The Rise of Product Design by David Cole nicely sums up why I love working on product teams. As someone who loves building & shipping, spending time trying to convince clients why design is in their own their best interest before even getting to the actual work feels like a colossal waste of time & energy.

It's a lot easier to build momentum when the whole team has already bought into the importance of design and you can simply charge ahead with solving problems.

(Kudos to all the designers out there fighting the good fight of educating clients about the value of design!)